Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Well folks, it’s finally here!  Summertime drift fishing on the Tennessee tailwaters.  TVA and USACE has filled all of our reservoirs to summer pool and they all have plenty of water for good flow rates all season.  Our Home water, the Hiwassee River is flowing perfect for drift trips on the upper section through the gorge. The next 90 days here will be hard to beat. Our catch rates will be the best with dry fly action already starting. For a fun filled day trip with lots of action and fish feeding on the surface, this is where you will want to be.  The Clinch river is performing well for larger trout on streamers. We want to target weekends here for the most predictable flows. This is head hunting for larger trout on sink tips and streamers, so be prepared. Within just another week or two, I expect the Big Holston to be at its peak. The trout section will be performing well with mostly nymph fishing for high quality trout. At this same time the smallmouth section should start heating up and just get hotter through October when the water cools back off.

I know everyone is wondering about the Cumberland and it looks excellent in just a few days from now. The Corps has managed the spring rainfall well and we are going to have very good flows earlier this year than the past. This venue will always be a little trickier than the others just due to the sheer size of the waterway we are dealing with. But with the risk will come great rewards. You will be seeing pics from here soon.

As always give us a call or email anytime to talk fishing, etc.