Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Hello Indian summer and fall Anglers !  What do you say about some cooler weather and great trout fishing ?   Southeastern Anglers is gearing up to spend some time on the Cumberland River in Kentucky.  Specifically, the window opens around September 12th and runs IMG 2661.JPGarea and having a couple of boats ready on a daily basis. Some of these dates are already booked so think about it and give us a shout for your reservations. The Cumberland is a pretty good drive from just about anywhere and we highly recommend at least two-day fishing trips here to get the goody out of it.  There are several places to stay and the Lake state park resorts are hard to beat.

Over the last two years we have watched the river steadily return from a river on the mend back to a great trout fishery.  The current weather pattern is conducive to appropriate late season flows, so we say “let’s go.”    I know the nymph fishing will be good.  The streamer fishing will be awesome under the right conditions.  And the terrestrial / hopper bite could be something to behold before the frost hits.  As we near the end of October, the brown trout spawning urge will move the fish into the shallows.

Give us a call.  It is finally time to hit the Cumberland again.Cumberland