Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Hello Folks !  Dane here with your midsummer southeastern tailwaters fishing report.  When the weather gets hot and dry and the small streams start to trickle, you just gotta love the tailwaters.  Fishing on our local tailraces is good and will continue to be for the remainder of the warm season.
Hiwassee  River Bill Stranahan
The Hiwassee has fished well since Memorial day.  The Isonychias are popping sporadically and the dry fly bite is good in the afternoon.  We are releasing a mix of rainbows and browns.  Good fish numbers and our clients have released about 10 browns over 17 inches since summer has started.  August and into September should fish well here.
The Holston river smallmouth bite is currently very good.  Good numbers of fish on sink tips and streamers and the top water bite is getting started.  We have caught some quality smallies here too.  This venue should continue to strengthen until we begin to receive the crisp cool nights of fall. 
CumberlandThe Cumberland river is really starting to come alive with good predictableflow rates and great fishing.  The nymph fishing is most consistent with
the terrestrial and hopper bite getting stronger daily.  We are offering trips on the Cumberland once again and stronglyrecommend at least two days of fishing on your jaunts here.  There are multiple float stretches and every day is different.  Two or more days on the Cumberland gives you a good shot at quality fish.  We are seeing, hooking or landing 20 in. fish on most days.  Since this fishery is a pretty good haul for us and you, we like to book our guides for several days at a time here.  August throughDecember is going to produce some big fish. As always, call for details and bookings as well as an up to the minute report.