Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

use 2 possiblyWell… if you looking for a “state of the rivers” update don’t watch the news.  Stay tuned in here.  All fish like water.  So they are all happy as clams everywhere right now.  December saw some of the largest rainfall amounts on all of our watersheds that we have seen.  Many of the reservoirs reached summer pool levels for the second time of the year before the month was out.  Most all of the streams and rivers were unfishable for December and most of them still are due to high flows.  But remember … the fish are down there and happy with nobody messing with them and plenty of food floating by.  These now high streams and rivers will be in the fishable range soon and will be excellent. I am talking the Holston, Tellico, and Cumberland mainly here.IMG 4615

The Hiwassee River – It is Big Fish time on the Hiwassee now !   Now through March is probably going to be the best opportunity for large fish on the HI.  The water levels are currently a little high but very fishable.  The big browns are post spawn and eating shad. They are very comfortable with current conditions.  The daylight levels of winter being a little more subdued coupled with the green tinge in the water and baitfish have the browns (and larger bows) eager to bite.  We are not doing our typical summertime 30 fish days on a trip out, but the average fish size on a day trip is twice that of typical summertime fishing.  These photos are from the last few days.  Give us a call, Drive over to Reliance, and get your big fish on.IMG 8620