Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Crisp air and smoking hot, reel burning trout. The fall bite is on ! As the
weather cools a bit and the days get shorter, the larger fish tend to make
themselves more available.  The next few months will produce more large
fish that any other time of year.  Just put on a sweater and a hat and lets
go get them .  These photos are from a few of our trips during the last
month. These are not typical, and your results may vary. But this is what
we are going for now.

The streamer bite is very good and it is your best bet for one of the
beasts pictured. Calm afternoons are giving great Blue Wing hatches for
some smaller fish on dry flies.

November and December will a great time to get out and chase some trout
with holiday schedules and a little more time to sneak off from the grind
and make some memories happen.

The smoked chicken is always hot.  Come and get your fish on.  Don't forget
your Buff.