Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians
Here's a quick update for the Hiwasse and the Tellico Rivers. Delayed Harvest programs are in effect on each river. The TWRA seems to be really trying to make these programs work. We are seeing high numbers of fish on both pieces of water. The average size of fish being caught seem be a little larger than previous years. If everything carries on the way it's been going then the fishing should be great though the winter season.

Hiwassee River:

We are starting to get a mixed flow rate on the Hiwasee now. TVA has started giving a mixed release flow shcedule. We have started seeing a two generator flow in the morning and a one generator flow in the afternoon. This is a great release schedule for fishing on the Hiwassee as the river always fishes good on high water, but we really like seeing a one generator flow here. There is still enough water for float fishing, the current is softer, and the river shows off a lot more structure for holding fish. Anyway you look at it one turbine flows on the river are great. If you are planning on fishing on the hiwassee then keep an eye on the water schedule as you never know how long this will last. The D.H. program is doing great this year. We have been catching a good spread of fish from one end to the other. Streamer, nymphs, and dry's are all working well. You just have to be in the right section at the right time. The avearage fish that we are seeing is still in the 10-12 inch range, but we are catching a fair number of fish in 14-18 inch size as well. Looking forward a month or so we are not sure if we will see a shad kill or not, but our fingers are crossed. With the current size of fish in the river now a good shad kill on the river will be an excellent food source for some hungry fish. Not to mention that it will usually bring out the big boys as well. When this happens it can be perfect conditions for some of the best winter fishing around.

Tellico River:

The Water flows on the Tellico are great for wade fishing. We spent a few days up there last week and the bite was good. There are plenty of fish in the river, but what we noticed last week is that they seem to be grouping up together in different sections on the river. The average DH fish is in the 12-14 inch range with plenty of holdover and wild fish mixed in as well.