Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Are we there yet?  The main question we have been asking for what seems like a couple of months.  Today I think we can say yes.  We have arrived!   Everyone missed this winter’s forecast.  It turned out to be long, wet, and cold with an early spring that looked an awful lot like it’s mama.  But now everything has changed up, we are good to go, and ready to roll.  Let’s kick it off.

Although late winter rains made fishing a challenge for those attempting it, they appear to be promising  us with some short term above average conditions for May on most of our local east Tennessee waters.  We could be looking at some bonus days on the Hiwassee this month.   TVA may give some flows allowing us to drift the upper river on weekdays in May.  This usually doesn’t occur until after Memorial day.  So if you are fairly local and can slip off a day on short notice during the week this month, I recommend this trip.  You might call it a little secret water.  The Holston below Cherokee and the Clinch also look very favorable for the next few weeks as well as the weather.  May will be caddis and sulfur month if you catch it right.

The Cumberland river snippet – Keep driving. We are not there yet.  Even with as much rain as we have received this late winter and spring, above the plateau has received even more.  The Cumberland river is at and has been at full generation for a while.  It is still going to be a while here yet.  Look to mid-summer on the Cumberland.

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