Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Well folks, it is time to change things up.  If you haven’t been able to get out and sample our waters this summer, don’t worry!  The best of 2017 may still be out there.  I really like what the crystal ball is illuminating for the next 90 days for the trout fishing and especially the tailwater fishing in the southeast.  Several key factors seem to be lining up which usually mean better than average fishing conditions.  A stark contract to late 2016.  We have received ample moisture throughout the summer.  Reservoir levels are now very adequate and at manageable levels.  This points towards good predictable upcoming flows.  The weather is cooling quickly and nicely.  Water temps will be good.  The fall NWS forecast is for mild weather and normal precipitation.  Put all of that together, and this fall may be hard to beat.

Hiwassee River outlook – Fishing here should get prime again in mid October and be good throughout the year and into 2018.  Flow rates will be best during the week.

Cumberland River – We are currently setting up blocks of trips here for the fall.  We have a few slots for October and good availability for November.  Recommend two day trips here.  If current conditions prevail, November could be the best period we have seen here in quite a while.

Holston River smallmouth – This has been excellent fishing lately and October is going to be really good for a few more weeks until temps drop and then the trout fishing should return to the upper stretches shortly after.

Clinch River - Always a bit of a crap shoot, but with current conditions, it may pay out more frequently this fall. Mostly a streamer game with correct flows.

Tellico River watershed wade fishing  -  Mountain wade fishing the Tellico and tributaries. Predicting almost ideal conditions for October/ November.  

As always, call or email for what is happening today. Thanks, Dane.