Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

Happy 4th of July to all of you southeastern anglers out there!  We are pleased to announce that we are now opening up our Cumberland River trips.  With just a little luck, we hope to be fishing the Cumberland through October.  This is a very welcome change from the previous two years when our window for fishing the Cumberland was August and September.  Although winter and spring have been wet seasons (like the last two), USACE has managed the Lake Cumberland reservoir differently for the past 9 months, giving us what appears to be an earlier, longer and more fishable summer season on the tailrace.

For over 15 years the Cumberland River has been a prime target for us this time of year.  As many of our eastern streams and tailwaters may suffer from summer slump, the Cumberland River, due to the lake's size and depth, really shines through the summer and early fall, especially with a little dry weather to encourage the lower flows.  After 10+ years of challenges from dam repair to historical rain events, it looks like the river is now starting to return to what we know and love it to be.
The Cumberland River has and always will be "the big fish river" for the southeast.  When the river is at its peak, I feel it is the best trout fishery east of the Mississippi.  Every day is usually a little different.  The river can be a little tricky sometimes.   I think because of its location, hydrology and topography, this river experiences subtle nuances with slight changes in barometric pressure, weather, and slight flow shifts.  Some days can be high fish numbers; some not. But we always go out everyday with a shot at a 20+ inch fish.   If you are traveling more than just an hour or two to fish with us here, we strongly recommend at least a two-day trip to increase your chances of hitting a sweet spot. 

Give us a call and let's go fishing.  Dane 770-655-9210

IMG 3497IMG 20200518 111927685 Hoping all of the southeastern anglers out there had a good Memorial Day as we honored our fallen on this important remembrance day. This day also marks the day TVA begins our guaranteed summer release schedule for the HIwassee river. Now through the summer we are assured of adequate non fluctuating flows to drift fish the upper river and the gorge. Due to adequate spring moisture levels the reservoirs in the area are at summer pool and in excellent condition. June and July will be our 2 peak months to fish the Hiwassee river especially for dry fly activity. We have also had more water in the river for the past 8 months than we usually do and for this reason the river has an unusually high fish population with plenty of larger than average trout available.


IMG 1397So if you have been a little over sheltered lately come and drift the river with us in the cool mountain breeze and see if you can catch that big one you have been after for a while now.IMG 3496


We Are Open Southeastern Style........IMG 1792

To all of the southeastern anglers out there - The Hiwassee river is going to be a shining star once again this year for April, May and June. For those of you that fished here with us last year during this time period, it is going to be much the same. The abundant winter rains have provided us with flow rates to fish the upper river for a lot of April and May which is not the norm. The entire river is full of fish that have seen very few flies since October. The fish are fat from the flush of baitfish from the reservoir over the winter and eating flies well.

The hatches are beginning now. Blue wings, caddis, hendricksons and a few giant stoneflies. The big stoneflies should increase this month as they did last year. This makes the big foam dry dropper rigs work like a champ.

The next couple of months are going to be a great time to get out and fish our local southeastern waters. The Hiwassee is going to be excellent as described and others are going to come into shape soon.

We are open for business. Gas is cheap, no air travel involved for most, and clean, fresh air in an uncrowded environment. Additionally, we have adopted a USFS approved protocol for our Hiwassee river trips. Let a fishing trip with us be a part of your plans this spring. Give me a call and let's go fishing.

IMG 1106To all of our traveling anglers; just wanted to put a bug in your ear that we have 2 slots remaining for our hosted trip to San Martin De Los Andes to fish with Andes Drifters staying at Spring Creek Lodge for the week beginning on Saturday, January 4th, 2020.  Cost for the trip is $7500, doorstep to doorstep including airfare, travel insurance, and Global Rescue.  The airfare is still reasonable compared to other international destinations and our group will be departing Atlanta Hartsfield airport on Friday, January 3rd, 2020. 

This trip is primarily float fishing medium and larger rivers for mostly brown trout.  Other options are available. Early January is the best time to fish this venue with optimum water levels in the rivers and warm mild summer weather.  It has taken us a while to secure this prime week in this area.  Just give me a shout if you are interested and I can provide details.  2015 01 07 NU AndesDrifters Caleufu TomSam 237 copy

IMG 0740Fellow Southeastern Anglers - hello from Burkesville, Kentucky!  Here are a few fresh photos from recent days on the Cumberland river.  The river is fishing very well daily with good flows and good late summer weather. The streams around the southern Appalachians are resting now, but the Cumberland is fishing strong.  Deep nymph fishing is a consistent producer.  Fish are chasing streamers also.  Some days better than others.  Our hopper dropper rigs are becoming more important every day.  Some very large rainbows have come on hoppers. As the hay and corn is harvested for the season, the grasshopper will become more important.  This may be the place for trout fishing the next couple of months.  We will be here with good available dates still.  Call or email to schedule your trips.  

Happy summer to all of the southeastern anglers out there.  Dane here with a short note to let everyone know that we are opening up the 2019 Cumberland river season.  Water levels and weather look very promising for the upcoming season.  We have begun our first trips of the season here today and fishing is good.  We are offering trips here for larger trout until the weather gets too cold or the river gets too high.  Typically one or the other occurs in November but I have fished the river into December with mild fall weather in the past.  We have two jet boats and drift boats available for this season.  As always, I recommend 2-3 day jaunts here since every day is different.  The Cumberland river holds the best population of trophy trout of any river in the southeast US.  I suggest Dale Hollow state park for lodging.  Dale Hollow has clean affordable lodge rooms and small cabanas, Internet, restaurant, and 24 hr cancellation if the fishing gets blown out. Give me a call or shoot an email anytime to book your Cumberland river adventure.   Thanks. 

FullSizeRenderIt has been several months since a report from our local waters. The abundance of rain during fall and winter held us with a "wait and see" attitude. I am happy to say today that "all is well," and this may be quite the understatement. Starting at home base on the Hiwassee river, we are having very good flows to drift the upper river which is abnormal for pre-Memorial day. The river is fishing excellent with hatches more abundant than the last few years. The sulfurs are starting to crank up and we have a heavy mix of other bugs. IMG 0712The next 120 days are going to be some of the best dry fly fishing we have seen in quite some time. We have an outstanding fish population with lots of holdovers and older fish that were well fed through the winter on shad in the high flows.   

Our other local favorite waters in the Knoxville area are just now starting to come alive for both trout and smallmouth as the tailwater flows from early spring are now moderating to fishable rates. IMG 1911Fishing is excellent, especially with some angler flexibility with the venue.IMG 1851


A huge thank you to all of our SEA friends and clients that have joined us on this special adventure down south over the past fifteen+ years. The trip to Chilean Patagonia has turned into an annual event. We will once again be hosting the lodge of Cinco Rios for the week of February 15-22, 2020. The upcoming season is going to be the year of the giant Cantaria beetle hatch in the local Paloma valley and the area around Coyhaique. If this isn’t reason enough to join us, here are a few more: highest standards for accommodations, guides, and fishing quality; extremely affordable compared to other world class fishing destinations; easy, safe travel; our winter is summertime in Patagonia; big brown trout on big dry flies; the camaraderie enjoyed by a fun loving group of individuals staying at the lodge. 

If you would like to start thinking about joining our group for February 2020, just give me a shout and we can lay great plans.

We have the entire lodge booked for this prime week and currently have six open slots we will be filling this month.

If you havent done this trip, it needs to be on your list.