Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians
Here's a quick video we shot earlier this year on the Hiwassee. The photos and video clips are from a few trips in feb and early April even though on one of the video clips there is a date stamp with '09 markings. I'm not going to point fingers, you guys will be able to figure out who it is. The powerhouse was operating at a one generator capacity during all these trips. We had some of the best early spring fishing that we have seen in years and it's looking like its going to continue on well into the summer as well. The recreational release schedule will start up on memorial day weekend and continue through the Labor day holiday. We are guaranteed water seven days a week, from 10 am until at least 7 pm. The Hiwassee is an excellent fly fishing river no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced angler. The 'Wass has a little bit of everything. With a combination of good bugs and fish, how can you go wrong. I hope you enjoy this short clip as I’m always learning a few new tricks when it comes to the video and picture stuff.