Fly Fishing Guided trips on the Hiwassee, Clinch, and South Holston Rivers

Twenty Inch Club

Catching 20 inch or larger trout on a fly rod is not an easy quest or an everyday occurrence. Often times it is a milestone in an anglers fly fishing career. We say with great pride that our professional fly fishing guides have assisted many anglers to achieve this milestone over the years. Our guides have the knowledge of the rivers we fish and techniques needed to put you in the best position to catch that trophy.

We established our Twenty Inch Club several years ago to honor our anglers who catch trophy fish measuring 20 inches or larger. We have a few requirements that must be met in order to be considered for our club. All fish must be caught using fly rods and the fish must be measured with a tape. We'd like to use our Twenty Inch Club to congratulate these anglers who have caught some fine trophy fish.

2012 Twenty Inch Club

2010 Twenty Inch Club

2009 Twenty Inch Club

2008 Twenty Inch Club

2007 Twenty Inch Club

2006 Twenty Inch Club